10 Main StreetNew MilfordCT 06776, USA * Phone:  (860) 355-6035 * Email:  healthdept@newmilford.org

​​New Milford Health Department works to protect the health of the community through providing a variety of programs and services including Environmental Health, Community Health and Emergency Preparedness

 Information on up-coming events and news for the community.

 Information compiled from sources including the Connecticut Department of Public Health, CDC and others.

Promoting Wellness In New Milford

The mission of the New Milford Health Department is to prevent disease, maintain a healthy environment and promote community health for the citizens of the Town of New Milford.  We are working to meet this goal by providing a wide range of programs and services including enforcement of the Connecticut Public Health Code and local ordinances.  We are your local health department and are available to help serve your public health needs.

New Milford Health Department